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Product News Center

6 April 2009

The Pinnacle Information Services platform is used for defining and managing Short Message Services (SMS), and for hosting content.  Pinnacle interfaces with the Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) of the Mobile Network Operator to facilitate the provision of SMS based information services.  In addition to storing content in its integrated database, Pinnacle also interfaces with external content providers to fetch up to date content for subscriber requests.

Pinnacle has now been enhanced to also host S@TML applications, and the product has become an application server for Logos Solvo’s S@TEx product.  By enabling S@TML content and access from S@TEx, Pinnacle gives Mobile Network Operators a clear migration path from static STK applications to dynamic application and content.  While subscribers with older non-S@T SIM cards can access the content using static SIM toolkit applications or SMS, subscribers with S@T SIM cards can access the same content with enhanced features, such as dynamic subscriber interaction, provided by S@TEx.

The integration of Pinnacle and S@TEx is another step in the close integration of all of Logos Solvo’s products, giving Mobile Network Operators access to a suite of products that provide a wide range of features and interoperate seamlessly.

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